The Tel Aviv Scrabble® Club

Club Director: Evan Cohen

Jayne (Iris) Robinson Z"L

Born in England, Jayne made Aliyah in 1973. Whilst living in England, Jayne played social Scrabble with family members.

In July 1999, Jayne spotted the notice about the Tel-Aviv Scrabble Club in the City Lights, telephoned Evan and attended almost every week since. She assisted in the running of the club, was responsible for the catering. Her amazing personality contributed immensely to the wonderful social atmosphere in the club.

She and Evan jointly organised three most successful Scrabble tournaments. In June 2003, Jayne won her division in the first tournament in which she participated as a player.

In January, 2006, Jayne passed away after a prolonged illness. Jayne will be missed by her family - her daughter and granddaughter, her two sons - and by all who knew and loved her. The club will never be the same without her.

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