The Tel Aviv Scrabble® Club

Club Director: Evan Cohen


The Tel-Aviv Scrabble Club is not just statistics, divisions and Scrabble boards, but a group of wonderful people who get together every week to enjoy their favourite pastime.
The following are some of our members. Join us sometime!

Amos Fabian Anne Garber Avril Shaw | Charlotte Perlin | Evan Cohen | Gila Blits Karen Adler Linda Marguy | Ma'or Eichler Maureen Hoch | Maxine Tsvaigrach Mona Nobil | Nancy Alroy Naomi Landau Omri Rosenkrantz Viva Press |

Evan Cohen

Playing since
: 1989
Scrabble records: National Champion 1991 (and a few times afterwards), Tel-Aviv Scrabble Club champion (several times), represented Israel in the 1st World Scrabble Championships finishing 12th (and again in 1993, 2005, 2011 where I didn't finish 12th), First Israeli Open winner (2008), First German Open champion (2011), 4th Malta Open runner-up (2011)
Other Scrabble stuff: (re)founder of the Tel-Aviv Club (1998), (co-)organiser of dozens of local events, (co-)organiser of the annual international Israeli Open Scrabble Tournament
Scrabble quote: Luck has nothing to do with it.
When I'm not playing Scrabble:
Linguistics lecturer, Tel-Aviv University
Lives in: Ramat Gan

Omri Rosenkrantz

Playing since
: 2001
Scrabble records: Winner of the 3rd Qadima Open, runner-up of the Tel-Aviv Scrabble Club Season (season 24), runner-up of the Tel-Aviv Scrabble Club playoffs (season 23), runner-up of First Poland Round Robin (2011)
Other Scrabble stuff: (unofficial) co-organiser of the Israeli Opens
Scrabble quote: I kept changing and changing...
When I'm not playing Scrabble: Sociology lecturer, Open University
Lives in: Ramat Gan

Maureen Hoch

Playing since
: Forever - first at home, then at the Herzliya club, Raanana club, Tel-Aviv club as soon as it opened in Ramat Aviv
Scrabble records: Unfortunately no big wins - though I do have a couple of trophies (nice ceramic mugs from Nancy) - one for champion of Zyzzyva, another for...can't remember.
Other Scrabble stuff: Founder of the (short-lived) Raanana club, (co-)organiser of the first 3 Scrabble-by-the-Sea tournaments. Addicted to Facebook Scrabble, and also occasionally play on Internet Scrabble Club.
Scrabble quote: Actually, most hated quote: "It's only a game!"
When I'm not playing Scrabble: Developer of educational material for school mathematics (ex teacher) Center for Educational Technology, Tel-Aviv. Also have other hobbies (yes!) - painting, reading, walking/exercising, watching movies, even used to play bridge.
Lives in: Raanana

Linda Marguy

Playing since
: End of 2007
Scrabble records: Runner-up Div. B in 3rd Qadima Open, Runner-up Div. B in 4th Qadima Open, Winner Div. B in Qadima Open June 2011.
Other Scrabble stuff: Co-organiser of 7th Tel-Aviv Scrabble Open, cake lady of Tel-Aviv Club
Scrabble quote: Tsavar ve tsavar
When I'm not playing Scrabble (there are a few hours left in the day!): Work at Tel-Aviv University and English tutor
Lives in: Tel-Aviv

Naomi Landau

Playing since
: 1999
Scrabble records: Represented Israel in World Scrabble Championships 2011
Other Scrabble stuff: Co-organiser of Israeli Open Scrabble tournaments
Scrabble quote: You monkey!
When I'm not playing Scrabble: When am I not playing Scrabble?
Lives in: Tel-Aviv

Viva Press

Playing since
: I could spell
Scrabble records: Officially -- none. Unofficially - Word of the Season 2008 at Tel-Aviv Scrabble Club (PAVLOVAS) and Zyzzyva champ (TLV club) a long while back
Other Scrabble stuff: I play Scrabble in English and Hebrew -- though English is by far the more exciting game.
Scrabble quote: I had a bingo and nowhere to play it.
When I'm not playing Scrabble: Editor/journalist at Israel21c &
Freelance; mom to three gregarious children.
Live in: Tel-Aviv
Facebook/email: Viva Sarah Press

Ma'or Eichler

Playing since
: 1987
Scrabble records: Represented Israel in the 2001 World Scrabble Championships, rated 1st in Israel for a very brief time in 2003 (I think), occasional Tel-Aviv Scrabble Club champion.
Other Scrabble stuff: I like to discuss the strategic aspect of the game, and bitch about Collins.
Scrabble quote: It's a chemical.
When I'm not playing Scrabble: Patent attorney; picking up after my kids.
Lives in: Kiryat Ono

Avril Shaw

Playing since
: Beatlemania (60s). Entranced, enchanted and smitten by Collins Official Scrabble Dictionary
Scrabble records: 5th Scrabble-by-the-Sea 2004 (one spot below Omri), 6th Tel-Aviv Open (2009) - nicest bingo TOMBLESS, Winner Qigong Div. Qadima Open (2009), Winner Div. B in 3rd Qadima Open (2010), Malta 2011 - Linda Marguy saved my life and sanity
Other Scrabble stuff: Co-organiser 7th Tel-Aviv Open (2011)
Scrabble quote: No, no, no
When I'm not playing Scrabble: Daily menu - Scrabbled eggs on toast, Lunch - Facebook Scrabble + salad, Dinner - Grilled Scrabble, Dessert - Scrabble Brulee
Live in: Tel-Aviv

Amos Fabian

Playing since
: 1998
Scrabble records: 1st place Competitive Div - 1st (July 2006) and 7th (Sept. 2011) Tel-Aviv Open tournaments, 6th Sam Orbaum Tournament (March 2009). Best record yet to come.
Other Scrabble stuff: Scrabble on Facebook
Scrabble quote: It's a tie!
When I'm not playing Scrabble: Business Development Manager, Israel-America Chamber of Commerce
Lives in: Holon

Mona Lee Rose Nobil

Playing since
: 1982. Played in first Tel-Aviv Club...took a long break, and returned 5 years ago to this serious brain work.
Scrabble records: Two wins in Zyzzyva that put me in Madoqua
Scrabble quote: I hate it (the game) and am giving it up for pingpong (don't believe it)
About me: Retired from successful creative career, have four grown children and ten grown grandchildren.
Lives in: Netanya, the Pearl of the Riviera

Gila Blits

Playing since
: Late 1980s
Scrabble records: Nothing of note, except for BEJESUS and IDYLLIC as Words-of-the-Season.
Other Scrabble stuff: Played Quackle until recently, but now its lexicon is out of date!
Scrabble quote: Very nice.
When I'm not playing Scrabble: Translating, reading, music, and being with my umpteen grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Lives in: Tel-Aviv

Anne Garber

Playing since
: 2007, before that, played occasionally with friends
Scrabble records: Winner Casual Div. 5th Tel-Aviv Open (2008), Runner-up Casual Div. 6th Tel-Aviv Open (2009), Winner B Div. 8th Tel-Aviv Open (2012, Highest scoring word (PLAYPEN) Qadima Open Channuka 2010
Other Scrabble stuff: I play on ISC and Facebook
Scrabble quote: Had a great bingo but couldn't get it down
When I'm not playing: I love dancing and exercising, also watching good dance performances. I work as a secretary/assistant for a psychiatrist in Herzliya. I also love reading and word games.
Lives in: Ra'anana

Nancy Alroy

Playing since
: 2006
Scrabble records: Winner Div. C in 1st Tel-Aviv Open, winner Casual Div. Scrabble-by-the-Sea 2006, highest score and best bingo in 1st Tel-Aviv Open (2006), winner Div. C in 4th Tel-Aviv Open (2007), best bingo in 1st Israeli Open (2007)
Other Scrabble stuff: Organised Qadima Scrabble tournaments 1-6
Scrabble quote: I'd like to call a friend
When I'm not playing Scrabble: In my ceramics studio, chauffering two kids
Lives in: Qadima

Charlotte Weiss Perlin

: Been a member since 2008, at which time I could actually beat Linda and Ya'ir
Scrabble records: Zyzzyva champ once and moved to Madoqua for one swift year
Scrabble quote: "Meaning of a Scrabble word? Who cares?" (attributed to Evan)
About me: Retired Director of University of Miami's Writing Center and retired English teacher
When I'm not playing Scrabble: Reading fiction, tutoring English, and enjoying my 3 grown children and 15 grandchildren -- thus far
Lives in: Ra'anana, almost like being in Israel

Karen Adler

Playing since
: 2011
Scrabble records: Player of the Week on Linda's birthday!
Other Scrabble stuff: Made prizes for the 7th Tel-Aviv Open (Sept. 2011)
Scrabble quote: I'm not addicted - I'm only playing 18 games on FB!
When I'm not playing Scrabble: Graphic Designer and mother of 3 daughters
Lives in: Herzliya

Maxine Tsvaigrach RIP (1954-2019) 

Playing since: College
Scrabble records: I came in next to last at my first tournament at the Dead Sea in February 2001. However, in December 2008, I came in first place at the Hannukah Tournament at Hilda's house in Modi'in and won 200 shekels!; My word DIARRHEA was voted Word-of-the-Season a few years ago and is now immortalized on a Scrabble mug; Also won a little prize for Best Word (DEVIATING) at a tournament a few years ago at the ZOA in Tel-Aviv.
Other Scrabble stuff: Had an article published in May 2001 in the Jerusalem Post about my traumatic experience at my first Scrabble tournament at the Dead Sea. It was very funny. I once played a triple-triple - RAMBLERS - against Joel for 159 points. And my personal record: JUNKYARD for no fewer than 278 points. Life does not get any better than that. But that was many, many years ago. What does that say about my life??
Scrabble quote: Getting a triple-triple is orgasmic. And or course Evan's "You know your options".
When I'm not playing Scrabble: Singing, folk dancing, or correcting English test, not necessarily in that order, unfortunately.