The Tel Aviv Scrabble® Club

Club Director: Evan Cohen

Poem of the Week

Poems composed by Liliane Servier are published here. All words are acceptable for Scrabble play. Great little learning aids!


On the 13.1.2014, Liliane Servier, our club poet, passed away. Over the years, Liliane published hundreds of short poems which she used for word study. Booklets of her poems were given as prizes in several tournaments. The following is the last poem Liliane sent to be published on the website. How appropriate, the Letter Z. May she rest in peace.


Anziani in Roma avyze or agryze

Trying thus to bumbaze or feeze

Actors always playing some lozell 

Full of bizzo because they bezzle

And may end the play in a brulzie.


anziani = councilors

avyze = to advise

agryze = to terrify

bumbaze =to perplex

feeze = to unsettle

lozell = a scamp

bizzo = irrelevant talk

bezzle = to drink hard

brulzie = a noisy quarrel

Last week in August


?Hurrah! Hurray! Whoopie!?

Shouted the rejoicing rabbits:

?Thanks to an insider who lured

The fox into the stinking latrines

By wearing an unerotic soutane

We were able to ensnare him.



Imagine a dozen ospreys

Circling above the saouari

In a sort of deasiul fashion

While two nervous yorkies

Are playing with romaines!


saouari = an American tree

deasiul = motion in same

               direction as the sun

romaines = type of lettuce



A gajo wearing a djibbah

Rode astride his kajawah

Chancing upon a kipunji

He brandished his punji

Colliding with a majagua.


gajo = a non-gypsy

djibbah = loose outer garmen

kajawah = a camel saddle

kipunji = a Tanzanian monkey

punji = a sharpened bamboo stick

majagua = a tropical tree



The monoglot Monsieur Montero,

A monocrat keen on nomarchy

And fiercely against monarchy,

Had his monicker in nomogram

Richly embossed on his monogram.


Useful X

Hearing a bembix or a tettix

Buzzing between the frutex

Some saxaul and the salix

A muskox started to dander

Circling panax and alexander.


bembix = a noisy sand-wasp

tettix = a cicada

frutex = a shrub

saxaul = a contorted tree

salix = a willow tree

muskox = bovid of arctic origin

panax = a tree

alexander = a European herb


Second Week in July

An outraged nemesis scorned

Dreamers so keen on nobility

That they went on ennobling

Devilish adepts of a talisman

Enabling the foulest wooings

In order to enhance sexiness.


First Week in June

A restive soldier met a strange visitor

Who claimed to be his sibling, if anything,

But proved to be the meanest and zaniest

Of mortals. Sold him a chunk of aegirine

Pretending it was a precious aquamarine.


aegirine = a green mineral


Last Week in May

An antired veteran was pattering

Aplenty about mentors berating

All fallouts in order to theorize

Their worries about dueling!!!



A pundit made his pundonor

To pungle toward the cleanup

Of nuptiality through punalua

Ordering every punchy pinup

To shoo punkeys off the punkah.


pundonor = point of honour

pungle = to contribute

punalua = system of group marriages

punchy = dazed

punkey = a biting gnat

punkah = ceiling fan



Restive in his fauteuil the teacher

Chooses to venerate some treatise

On antidotes written by a kvetcher

Who chooses scaring any coacher

Who orients menders on voyages.




“Doggone! Regilded leotards

As cadeaux for your darling?

Did not find a lousier handout?

Regrets would sound as ravings

Some sound advice: go yodeling



A truce between the poddiest

Cows and some fangless vipers

Led to a blessed cordial entente.

Out of job scarers and menders

Drowned in whiskey and bitters.


poddy = corpulent



In some godforsaken noplace

The sannop living in a pondok

Found nopalito under a youpon

Where he clashed with a fripon

Deriding his poncey croupon.


sannop = married Am. Ind. male

pondok = a crude dwelling

nopalito = eatable stem of a cactus

youpon = a shrub

fripon = knave

poncey = effeminate

croupon = the human buttocks



Trying to darraign their addiction

To roulette, oedipean cherubim -

Also afflicted by noxious fleabites -

Considered some esoteric innuendo

In both talmuds as fitting legalese.




In a ger located in the ing

An olde rav was disputing

Ois who claimed that a cria

Was endowed with an ame

And demanded a huge bote.


ger = yurt

ing = meadow

ois = blokes

cria = offspring of a lama

ame = soul

bote = compensation for injury



A pindari went to the crispin

Said he suffered from frostnip

And looked for a sturdy chopin.

“Board a pinkey carrying catnip

Or crawl slowly as the terrapin


pindari = Indian mercenary

crispin = shoemaker

chopin = type of shoe

pinkey = small ship

catnip = aromatic herb

terrapin = N.Am. tortoise



An erudite emitting on the internet

Sent greeting letters via the evernet

Not being foolish but a born realist

He resized his canzonet to equalise

Daemonic messages on the extranet.



Mayhappen this penchant for rappen

To purchase penoche, gin and madeira

Entails harsh penance and nephalism

Plus a diet of boiled penk and parsnep

Sprinkled with a gowpen of penthia.


mayhappen = maybe

rappen = Swiss monetary unit

penoche = fudgelike candy

nephalism = total abstinence from liquor

penk = a small fish

parsnep = parsnip

gowpen = a double handful

penthia = a bitter plant



In the ronz, the ngai use the umu

Wear aida and flox silk with zari

They shun fiqh and feast on goji

A gaw appears, they play the qin

And put gak and tik in their tian.


ronz = acronym for Rest Of New Zealand

ngai = a Maori tribe

umu = a Maori oven

aida = a cotton fabric

flox = floss

zari = gold thread

fiqh = Islamic jurisprudence

goji = berry of Ch, plant

gaw = imperfect rainbow

qin = Ch. Zither

gak = cocaine

tik  = a drug

tian = a vegetable gratin



After pancetta panino and gingersnap

Napoleon used to catnap in his jampan.

Wishing to napoo him with his kirpan

The nappy pandoor mounting a tarpan

Brought along his panga and a taipan.


jampan = Indian sedan chair

napoo = to put to death

kirpan = Sikh small sword

nappy = kinky

tarpan = Asian wild horse

panga = a large knife

taipan = a venomous snake



- Mynheer! Mynheer!“ cried a nymphet.

- People say Milord, not this caconym!

- We are in Delft, exonym and toponym!

- Arrogant foreigner! Surely some painim

Who likely calls herself a proud womyn!


caconym = an erroneous name

exonym = name of town in a foreign language

toponym = name of a place

painim = heathen

womyn = feminist word without the male element



Invited to the yamun a khanum

Was asked to solve an arcanum:

Does mundungo munify a mun?

Is a numbskull a sort of numpty?

Can a muntu become a munshi?


yamun = residence of a Chinese official

khanum = lady’s rank in the ME

arcanum = a mystery

mundungo = foul-smelling tobacco

munify = to purify

numbskull = a dunce

numpty = an idiot

muntu = a black African

munshi = an Indian secretary



In their diaries, faceless negators

Iconify truants exerting influence

On pundits who enslave denigrators

Of conjurators using smart innuendo

To quieten protesters against gutters.




For the phenom living in a nomarchy

It was nomic to dream of a monarchy

Where the rule was strict monandry

Though once a moneth any mondaine

Did leave monogamy for the full monty.


phenom = person of extraordinary ability

nomarchy = province of modern Greece

nomic = customary

monandry = one husband at a time

moneth = month

monty = the whole damn lot



“A real mindfuck!” said the painim

After meeting wimmin in ulpanim:

“With her red benjamin the minikin

Had the look of some nimble gamin

Ready to nim minivers or a tamin”.


mindfuck = an exhilarating experience

painim = a heathen

wimmin = women in feminist parlance

benjamin = a kind of overcoat

minikin = small dainty creature

gamin = urchin

nim = to steal

miniver = a white fur

tamin = a fabric



Gemmen have the daimen clinamen

To nemn meneer menschy bedemen

Or mensh rudely when they flehmen

After choosing menudo and mendigo

Instead of ramen, had they had acumen.


gemmen = gentlemen

daimen = occasional

clinamen = inclination

nemn = to name

meneer = my lord

bedemen = men who pray for others

mensh = to remark

flehmen = to inhale with open mouth

menudo = a tripe stew

mendigo = a freshwater fish

ramen = a Jap. broth



This grannam erred in a manama

While she looked for the mandira.

She heard: “Namaskar grandma!”

A mandarin playing his mandora

Chanted: “Manana is my mantra!”


grannam = an old dame

manama = (N.Z.) mangrove

mandira = a Hindu temple

namaskar = an Indian greeting

mandora = a large mandolin



A pulik luppened suddenly on a capul!

Was it drunk on pulque? Such a ballup!

While an entire pultoon aboard a pulwar

Spread pulvilio on its way to the lupanar

And a puling pullet aggravated the chellup.


pulik = a long-haired sheepdog

luppen = to leap

capul = a horse

pultoon = an Indian regiment

pulwar = a type of boat

pulvilio = scented powder

chellup = noise



This loppy who craved being a pol

Was a pollyanna, in short a poepol

Who uttered polemical codswallop

Loved to gollop slipslop and salop

Displaying a sorry lack of politesse.


loppy = a ranch handyman

pollyanna = blindly optimistic person

poepol = (S. Afr.) arsehole

codswallop = nonsense, rubbish

gollop = to gulp hastily

salop = herbal hot drink



The hedonist vaunted the virtues of sardines

But his soulmate favored oriental teredines

Which could be paid in dollars or pennies.

With no respect for lineage, stinkers omitted

Ordering a coronet for their holiest cronies.


teredine = a bivalve mollusk



This pilgarlic was truly lippy:

After committing his pilfery

He sold the huipil and a pillie

To some pillock, a poor pilgrim

Trying to fillip him with an oxlip

He was condemned to the pillory.


pilgarlic = a sneaking fellow

lippy = 9mpudent

huipil = Mex. Embroidered dress

pillie = pilchard

pillock = a stupid person

fillip = to strike sharply



This pellach issued an estoppel

Against drinking julep with salep

Playing the langspel on a curpel

Tickling your pelma with a kelep

Or serving cocktails with graupel.


pellach = porpoise

estoppel = legal restraint

salep = meal from orchids’ roots

langspel = a stringed instrument

curpel = a horse’s rump

pelma = the sole of the foot

kelep = a stinging ant

graupel = frozen rain



A frampal antipapal suiplap paladin

Riding to the palais in his palanquin

Exchanged lapsang for strong palinka

Then hurled his chappal on a palooka

Who fell without uttering a palabra.


frampal = fiery

suiplap = a drunkard

lapsang = a variery of tea

palinka = an apricot brandy

chappal = an Indian sandal

palooka = an inferior boxer

palabra = a word



Wearing his best jacquard jacket

And holding a jonquils bouquet

Cleverly picked under a quillaja

This quackish jerking jokester

Jokingly mimicked the Quaker.


quackish = fraudulent



An iracund corsair clad in zaffir kashmir

Struck with his chowri an irenic grandsir

Strumming a ribibe to cajole the ouakari.

But a bold askari irrupted from his casspir

Hitting the offender with helleri and mahsir.


iracund = easily angered

corsair = pirate

zaffir = blue

chowri = device for repelling flies

irenic = peaceful in purpose

ribibe = rebec

ouakari = a S. Am. monkey

askari = an Afr, soldier

casspir = an armoured vehicle

helleri = a tropical fish

mahsir = a large freshwater fish



After a long silence came the talkies

Spreading like a wildfire on toetoes

Showing anxious grounded prophets

Predicting that some overfat aurelia

Would manage to join the amphibia

In order to infect them with bacteria.


toetoes = N. Z, grass

aurelia = a jellyfish




This gushy shylock was truly nebbishy:

Trusting a bolshy shyster with a hushy

He then drowned his hysteria in shypoo

And used hyson and hyssop to shampoo.


shyster = unscrupulous politician

hushy = a secret

shypoo = liquor of poor quality

hyson = a Chinese tea



Instead of hustling home to his wife

A righteous hussar shushed a hussy

Looking for her hussif in the shuln.

She had to eat huso and drink samshu

Unless she favored a contest in wushu.


hussif = a pocket sewing kit

huso = the great sturgeon

samshu = an alcoholic drink

wushu = kung fu



It happened during a shonky basho:

Camsho bohos intent on malichos

Dared a shochet to sound shofroth

Gobble posho and quaff verdelhos

Also play shogi and strum sanchos.


shonky = illicit

basho = sumo tournament

camsho = crooked

bohos = bohemians

malichos = petty misdeeds

posho = corn meal

verdelho/s = white Madeira

shogi = Jap. chess

sancho/s = West Afr. guitar



Bringing his shillala to the shibah

This shirty shikari, also a shikker,

Invited a rikishi to play buzkashi

Followed by a shivoo or shindy

Where they would both shivaree.


shillala = short, thick club

shirty = angry

shikari = big game hunter

rikishi = sumo wrestler

buzkashi = Afghani ball game

shivoo = noisy party

shivaree = to perform a mock serenade



Patients condemned to strict dietings

Together with their beloved empress

Displaying her warrison of garnets

Threw soirees devoted to vendetta

Where maidens gorged on polenta.



This nebbishe sheepo speaking shelta

Cwtches his beloved sheep and eeches

During fratches that he favours shehita

After they ate mint sherberts and chiches.


sheepo = a sheep farm worker

shelta = esoteric jargon of Gaelic

cwtch = (Welsh) to hide

eech = to argument

fratch = a brawl

shehita = kosher killing of animals

chich = chickpea



Struck by delirium, the starlet

Enrages at poets who protest

Against orisons and sonnets

But sell a sextain for a rouleau

Then spend it on wild fiestas.


rouleau = a roll of coins



Said the shadchan to the shammas:

“Musha! Such hassel and bruhahas!

An almah in kacchas is no nachas?

Had she smoked hasheesh in a shisha

Would you have shouted shabash!?”


musha = int. expressing surprise

hassel = argument

bruhahas = fuss

kacchas = short trousers

shisha = hookah

shabash = well done!



No doubt inspired by some eudaemon

The tanaiste intends to throw a spanner

Among morris dancers turned sinners:

They erotised their briefest rigaudon

And thus enraged crooners and almoners.


eudaemon = a good spirit

tanaiste = deputy Prime Minister in Ireland

rigaudon = a lively dance




A furibund furioso wanted to fuff

At the fugly grouf of the Fuehrer.

But the fuckwit with acute furacity

And no fushion made a total furbar

When everybody shouted “Enuf”!


furioso = a mad person

fuff = spit like a cat

fugly = very ugly

grouf = the face

fuckwit = a fool, an idiot

fushion = strength

furacity = thievish disposition

furbar = Fucked Up Beyond

              All Repair


Word of a June week

The telegram sent by the witness

Of an erudite enjoying a sosatie

While he footled on his miniski

Stated that even dragons swooned

When a drinker braving his aboulia

Sported boldly an imperial alopecia.


sosatie = curried meat on a skewer

footle = to waste time

aboulia = loss of will power




At evenfall a ventrous evangel

Saw the evejar in a dark vennel

Entertaining dancers of veleta

But disturbing verquere players

Drinking strictly verboten verdelho.


ventrous = adventurous

evejar = the nightjar

vennel = lane

veleta = a dance

verquere = a form of backgammon

verdelho = a white Madeira



Convinced he was shrowd and not lewd

A dweeb in dwaal tried hard to salewd

With a gowd dwile a crowd of dwarfs.

He managed to showd, dwalm and dawd

Those who called him overlewd and bawd.


shrowd = astute

dwaal = state of befuddlement

salewd = to salute

gowd = of the colour of gold

dwile = a mop

showd = to rock to and fro

dwalm = to swoon

dawd = to knock



Sporting some garish byssine bycoket

The blabby squabby plebby bywoner

Who hated a cobby byzantine swabby

Had decided to turn him into a jumby

Then to ybrent his beautiful bylander

And yblent its cinders out of xenophoby.


byssine = made of fine linen

bycoket =an ornamental cap

blabby = talkative

plebby = boorish

bywoner = a landless poor white

cobby = stocky

swabby = a sailor

jumby = a ghost

ybrent = to destroy by fire

bylander = a two masted cargo vessel

yblent = to mix together



Muzjiks eating zucchini with ponzu

Zydeco players clad in a green kanzu

Some franzy zymite practicing shiatzu

In order to buy the jazy worth a groszy…

Do you feel schmalzy or simply quazzy?


ponzu = Jap. type of sauce

kanzu =  Afr. long garment

franzy = cross and peevish

zymite = priest using leavened bread

jazy = a wig

quazzy = queasy



After inhaling ozaena from the ozeki

Who ate orzo, garbanzo and chorizo

A gonzo mozo was sent to the ozzie

Where he erred zombielike and schizo

Wearing a rebozo and talking bizzo.


ozaena = fetid discharge from the nostrils

ozeki = champion sumo wrestler

garbanzo = chickpea

mozo = manual labourer

ozzie = hospital

rebozo = scarg

bizzo = (Australian slang) irrelevant talk



Weird news found in the Izvestia:

“While strumming their zitherns

Zingare sang around the bwazi:

In zizzle you need three izzards

In sizzle two, and zilch in cisterns.”


zithern = a stringed instrument

bwazi = an Afr. shrub

zizzle = sizzle

izzard = the letter Z



Zeks and zerks in a mizmaze

Fought over a zeroth zecchin

Worth even less than the trez

To buy a kameez for laydeez

And build a schanze on a leaze.


mizmaze = labyrinth

trez = threepence

kameez = loose tunic

schanze = protective wall

leaze = pasture


In our Scrabble dictionary, only four words ending in ...ouille and just a few containing ...ouill... - all borrowed from the French! 



When in Paris, do speak mouille

To eat French with an andouille

Then order the famous ratatouille

Or start with a bowl of bouillon

Followed by a chunk of bouilli

Somewhat spiced with rouille

Unless you opt for bouillabaisse.


mouille = pronounced with tongue

                against palate

andouille = spicy smoked sausage

bouillon = a clear broth

bouilli = boiled meat

rouille = a peppery garlic sauce

bouillabaisse = fish and shellfish stew



After their dinner of dopiaza and gyoza

Sadza, alcorza and huge pints of cerveza

A zanyish zaddick in his zaffre zamarro

Ordered the zamindar to frisk a zapateo

Around an azedarach along the nyanza.


dopiaza = Indian dish of meat or fish

gyoza = (Jap.) fried dumpling

sadza = Afr. porridge

alcorza = Spanish sweet

zamarro = a sheepskin coat

zamindar = Ind. tax collector

azedarach = Asiatic tree

nyanza = a lake


Unfriendly creatures!

The cascadura dislikes the araara

Because they both catch gambusia

While the dentex, crampfish or homelyn

Chase luderick, bocaccio or fat hapuka.

No friends there, just hungry mouths!


cascadura = a type of catfish

araara = a kind of horse-mackerel

gambusia = a small fish

dentex = a strongly toothed voracious fish

crampfish = the electric ray

homelyn = the spotted ray

luderick = Austr. rock fish

bocaccio = a rock fish

hapuka = the groper


Pessach bingoes

The tigress alienates expert ladrones

By using much stealth to catch a sardine

Or devour beef stew cooking in tagines.

No shivering retiree craving for hotties

She endears herself with most seekers

Of gourmet meals in deluxe scenery.


Hopping and swimming!

The axolotl is a mudpuppy

The menopome a hellbender

The olm a blind salamander

While the frog can be hyla

Crapaud, peeper or platanna.



When she crashed on a zastruga

A zany zingara envied the zenaida.

She proffered her last zecchin

To zig and zag aboard a zeppelin

And reach the zenith on a zephyr.


zastruga = ridge of snow

zecchin = former Italian gold coin


What a Week!

Actively stalking blondes, two exilers

Cruised on their scooter and enthused

About reports on the erudite whodunit

Where an inditer used lethal poloniums

To catch the canniest but naivest atoners.



Yestreen, when a yuppie yokozuna

Berthed his xebec near a yeshiva

And sat yodelling on the exedra

A younker made him don a yamalka

While the yeasayer yelled oxymora.


yokozuna = sumo wrestler

xebec = sailing vessel

exedra = outdoor bench

younker = young gentleman

yeasayer = one that affirms something



Waesucks! It did happen in Warsaw:

A wacky whoosis wholly woozy

Wroth and whooshing as a williwaw

Wounded the walla with his whipsaw

And fed him waterzooi wrapped in wasabi.


waesucks = interj. expressing pity

whoosis = person whose name is not known

wroth = very angry

williwaw = gust of cold wind

waterzooi = fish dish



An uppity uhlan with a vendetta

Pursued his vavassor in a victoria.

Using veratria instead of unguenta

He then ulcerated him with viremia

And threw his vitals in various vivaria.


uhlan = Prussian cavalry soldier

vavassor = high-ranking vassal

veratria = poisonous alkaloids

viremia = virus in the blood


A Week in March

Ninnies who are stubborn dodgers

Avoid rivers for fear of drowning

And dissuade any cosmetic dressing

Which could inspire oedipean fashing

Among the totality of soutane bearers.


March Bingoes

Wailings and tirades against an impolite mona

Playing the smallest but quite loudish ukulele

Definitely not equated with dulcet melodies

Whistled in the fringes by a hungry brantail

Expressing his desires for expensive caviars. 


mona = a West Afr. monkey

brantail = a singing bird 



Attired with twopence trinkums in her tarantas

A tribadic tzaritza heard tympans and tantaras,

Noticed a tarzan fighting taipans and tuataras.

Crying “Tantivy!” She tossed him some teargas

Then tempted him with teiglach and tequilas. 


tarantas = Russian carriage

tribadic = lesbian

tantara = sound of a trumpet

tarzan = person of superior strength

tuatara = large reptile

teiglach = dough boiled in honey



This samurai in search of a stegodon in Saxony

Landed in Shanghai, scuzzy, scatty and thirsty,

Drunk saloop in a sleazy saloon and got squiffy.

Suddenly – sounds schmaltzy but ‘tis only a subplot –

In came, sensuous and sashaying, some snazzy sexpot.


stegodon = extinct mammal

scuzzy = dirty

saloop = hot herbal drink


Not one, but words of the week

Such a weird aventure for travellers

Who discovered in jungles oversea

Mahouts teaching the teeniest spiders

- silvery ones - to be weeders or yawners

Trained to kneel and even pump waters…




A rabbi resting on his recamier – truly a rookie – 

Was eating rigatoni and rumaki laced with raki

Until his rabboni arrived, rataplan and ratatat,

Daring him to write his responsa in rubaiyat

Or, if not, frisk the redowa to earn one rufiyaa.


recamier = a backless couch

rumaki = chicken liver wrapped in a bacon slice

rubaiyat = four-lined stanzas

redowa = a lively dance

rufiyaa = currency of the Maldives



A quibbling quadroon qualified as quidnunc

When he queried the squaring of a quincunx

In a quadplex, achieved by a quixotic Quaker.

Better munch quenelle shielded by the quillaja,

Quaff from a quaich and craft a clever quinella.


quidnunc = nosy person

quincunx = arrangement of 5 objects

quenelle = type of dumpling

quillaja = an evergreen tree

quinella = bet in a horse race



There was this pucka paisana in Panama

Who proffered a pesewa to the palooka

Who treated with panocha her pyrexia

And praised her for perfecting a panmixia

While playing peekaboo with a padshah.


paisana = female compatriot

pesewa = monetary unit from Ghana

palooka = an inferior boxer

panocha = coarse sugar

pyrexia = fever

panmixia = random mating within a breeding population

padshah = a sovereign



Quite resolved to outjinx, nay outfox

An Oxford oppidan highly orthodox

An overlax odalisk oozing oloroso

Swapped an oquassa worth an ouguiya

For an oxblood oxalis and an ocotillo.


oxford = type of shoe

oppidan = townsman

oloroso = a dark sherry

oquassa = small lake trout

ouguiya = monetary unit of Mauritania

oxalis = a flowering plant

ocotillo = Mexican shrub



When Napoleon landed in Nankin

He noshed noodles with no napkin

Around his nucha, how very nerdish.

“No more naches from this nebbish

And no way to nirvana” whined a ninja.



“Did you read the megillah

Of a merry madam in Manilla

Who, having turned magdalen

After eating too much mullen,

Became a majolica maven?”


magdalen = a reformed prostitute

mullen = Eurasian herb



“Lackaday!” lamented a lazyish ladykin.

“Some larkish lamia clothed in lambskin

Loaded all the sweet latkes with laudanum.

Upon which our landlady sounded the larum

When up the lamppost she saw a lambkin”.


ladykin = small lady

lamia = female demon

larum = alarm



A knavish kahuna donning a kabaya

Thrummed his kalimba under a kamala

Till a kingly khalifa quite oddly kiddish

Said kaddish instead of kiddush over knish

And turned his shocked katchina into a kishka.


kahuna = medicine man

kabaya = cotton jacket

kalimba = Afr. musical instrument

kamala = Asian tree

khalifa = caliph

katchina = ancestral spirit



This jaunty janizary sporting a jerkin

Drove as a mad jehu his jiggly jaloppy.

Smitten with jejunity he threw a javelin

Tearing the johnny off a jimpy jacobin

Who felt in jeopardy and lost his jocosity.


jehu = fast driver

jejunity = childish behaviour

jimpy = natty

jacobin = a pigeon



An icky impala suffering from insomnia

Incited an infanta to attend the indaba

About the art of ikebana and not icekhana

Where an imposing issei wearing an insignia

Urged them to ingather ilka ixora and ixia.


indaba = meeting of  S. Afr. tribes

icekhana = automotive event on a frozen lake

issei = Jap. immigrant to the USA

ilka = each

ixora = a flowering plant


January Bingoes

In a frenzied search of promising carveries

This lusting but hapless aquarian intruded

On the weekly plenary of English quartets

While, being the pushiest, a feaster hastened

To tetanize some very dangerous hognoses

By flinging on them troches and breviaries.



A hempy hajji on some hilly hammada

Thought hejira was a helluva haggada

In harmony with halakha and haphtara.

His hetaira craved halva after havdalah

But got a whole hallah for a single halalah.


hempy = mischievous

hammada = a desert plateau

halalah = a Saudi Arabian coin



A gallant guardant wearing a garland

Was the grievant against a gangland

That gave gellant to a gullible gormand

Who gobbled it, gagged and fell gardant

Then galumphed and was unfit to galivant.


guardant = guardian

gangland = the criminal underworld

gardant = turned toward the observer

galumph = move clumsily



Once upon a time in a folkmot

A fatso sporting a filemot fylfot

Rather fancied frisking the foxtrot.

He thus forgot to fill the fleshpot

And famished the frantic fusspot.


folkmot = general assembly in early England

filemot = brownish colour

fylfot =a swastika

fusspot = a fusser



Once upon a time an eclectic effendi

Who felt emphatic about erotic ennui

Sent an ecstatic eulogy to effete ephebi

Who sang elegies while playing equali

Determined to get the coveted Emmy.


ephebi = young men

equali = pieces for instruments of the same group


December Bingoes

Parsons in their sermons exordia

Warn against our modern dangers:

“To overeat and/or quaff tequila

Bring about obesity and shuteyes

Or even treasons always preying



A donsie donzel in love with a damozel

Had to devel a dreidel atop a high djebel

And lift a dumbbell while fighting a duel

Or write doggerel while catching a dottrel

In order to deserve her as his dowsabel.


donzel = young squire

devel = to strike forcibly

dumbbell = weight for muscular exercise

doggerel = trivial verse

dottrel = a shore bird

dowsabel = sweetheart



At a cabildo weekly meeting in Colorado

A cicisbeo played the cembalo calando

Bidding a cruzado to get rid of a comedo

He forsook calvados to join a commando

Where wearing chaquetas was the credo.


cabildo = town council

cicisbeo = lover of a married woman

chaqueta = cowboy jacket



“Bejabers!” Bawled a beliquored bacchant

Who lost at bezique his very last bezzant.

“This boyla scattered bonduc in my baidarka

Instead of spreading barleduc on my babka.

My bazooka will smash him in his britzska.”


boyla = a witch doctor

bonduc = a prickly seed

baidarka = an Eskimo canoe

barleduc = a fruit jam

britzska = an open carriage



A certain abbot at the academia in Arcadia

Suddenly struck by anoopsia and apraxia

Clashed with an albizzia and fell in the acequia.

Sick with agrypnia, astasia and anergia,

He was prescribed a diet of ambrosia

To help him recover his lost ataraxia.


anoopsia = a visual defect

apraxia = loss of ability to perform

   coordinated movements

albizzia = a tropical tree

acequia = irrigation ditch

agrypnia = insomnia

astasia = inability to stand

ataraxia = peace of mind


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


Summoned by a zaddick zebrass

For the yahrzeit of departed zorillas

Yaks and yapoks donned their yarmelke

Zenaidas sported yashmacs and zamarras

While guerezas emulated zoftig yentas.


zorilla = small Afr. mammal

yapok = aquatic mammal

zenaida = wild dove

yashmac = veil worn by Muslim women

zamarra = a sheepskin coat

zoftig = full-bosomed                                                 

guereza = a monkey


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


Once upon a time this xanthic xerus

Who frisked the maxixe in a xystus

Exuded quixotry in his exordium

At the exequy of an extinct bonasus

Exclaimed an oryx: “End the excursus!”


xanthic = yellowy

xerus = a ground squirrel

maxixe = a Brazilian dance

xystus = gymnasium in Ancient Grece

bonasus = a bison

excursus = long exposition of a topic


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


At the wondrous wedding of a wallaroo

And a wallaby – such a cute kangaroo –

A wanderoo gorged on delicious vindaloo

While a wombat warned against the windigo

Summoned by a warrigal, some satanic dingo.


wallaroo = a large kangaroo

wallaby = a small kangaroo

wanderoo = an Asian monkey

wombat = a nocturnal mammal

windigo = an evil demon

warrigal = a dingo


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


A vapid umbrette sailing aboard a vidette

Reached a distant vilayet where a vizsla,

Quoting a meddling and burrowing vizcacha

Tattled on the vagaries of a vagrant vervet

Who lived in scandalous sin with a vicugna.


umbrette = a wading bird

vilayet = administrative division of Turkey

vizsla = breed of dog

vizcacha = a rodent

vervet = an African monkey

vicugna = a ruminant mammal


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


Once upon a time in Tripoli

A tarpan in a terrifying tirrivee

Dived among a school of tullibee

While a taipan tore off his tartan

Watched and mocked by trochili.


tarpan = a wild horse

tirrivee = tantrum

tullibee = freshwater fish

trochili = n/pl  Afr. bird


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


A gossipy seriema – who heard it from the saiga –

Spread the latest scandal among the sahiwals:

A siamang and a sajou just eloped to Sienna!

“Perish the Afghan and Tali Ban among animals!”

Snorted a disgruntled suslik to the silent sifaka.


seriema = a Braziilian bird

saiga = a small antelope

sahiwal = humped dairy cattle

siamang = a large, black gibbon

sajou = a long-tailed monkey

suslik = a Eurasian rodent


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


A ruffian ruddock on a high ramie

Teased a reitbok sporting a ramillie:

- Being alopecic is no longer trendy?

- Try getting rid of an avid reduviid!

You would be livid and much less vivid…


ruddock = a European bird

ramillie = a type of wig

alopecic = bald

reduviid = a bloodsucking insect


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


Said the quetzal to a quidnunc questing a quagga:

- Better look behind the quillaja for some quokka.

- Quotha! Is this quokka just an ordinary quey?

- Dumb as a quohog! You need drops of quinina

To make you see and catch this exotic wallaby.


quetzal = a tropical bird

quidnunc = a nosy person

quagga = an extinct zebralike mammal

quillaja = an evergreen tree

quohog = an edible clam

wallaby = a small kangaroo


More October Bingoes

Purists try hard to dissuade

Dearies who write doggerel

Against deboning a mammal

Savored with sweet mangoes

Just to sport a trendy cowhide.


October Bingoes

“A bohemian in the palace? ”

Incensed, cliques of viziers

Hoisted in unison a cutlass

And blinded by their anger

Attacked harmless plumbers.


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


“Listen to me ignorant paroquets!” said a puffish.

“Panchax is not a kind of poleax in English

Pollack is not a Pole, or percoid being perkish

Pomfret is not a corruption of pom fritt, but a fish.

And papillon is a dog, not a butterfly being skittish”.


puffish = a small freshwater fish

panchax = a tropical fish

pollack = a marine food fish

percoid = a spiny-finned fish


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


“Human language is sometimes rather funny”

Said an ourang to the oribi and the okapi.

“Oldwives are a favorite dish of the octopi,

Oldsquaws quack while swimming in the sea,

And oribatids are eyeless mites. Some destiny.”


oribi = an African antelope

oldwife = a marine fish

oldsquaw = a sea duck


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


Nudnik! said the nyala to his cousin the nilgai.

Boasting no less than six names. Choose already!

Is it nilgau, nylghai, nilghau, nylghau or nilghai?

You sniggering embodier of slobbish snobbery

Just to break a record in the Scrabble dictionary!


nyala = a large antelope


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


When the macaque, emperor of all monkeys,

Mobilized mandrills, marmosets and mangabeys

To assault macaws, manakins and marabouts

Hidden amidst the macchia and tall magueys

His wife muttered with utter derision: “Malarkey!”


mangabey = a long-tailed monkey

manakin = a tropical bird

macchia = dense growth of small trees and shrubs

maguey = a tropical plant

malarkey = nonsense


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


A ladybug belonging to the tribe of lampyrids

Was lolling on the back of the lively lacertid

Who frolicked among langurs and linsangs

Being raced by lapins, leporids and leverets

Pursued by lorikeets langshans and lannerets.


ladybug = a small beetle

lampyrid = family of beetles

lacertid = type of lizard

langur = an Asian monkey

linsang = a carnivorous mammal

leporid = a gnawing mammal

leveret = a young hare

langshan = breed of large domestic fowl

lanneret = a falcon


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


This kinkajou sporting a keffiyeh disliked kabeljou

But loved kakas, kakapos and even the klutzy kagu

While both kuvaszok and kolinsky cheered a koala

Who kicked a krait busily pricking a sluggish keitloa

Beset by katydids, keleps, kestrels and kalongs.


kinkajou = an arboreal mammal

kabeljou = a large food fish

kagu = a flightless bird

kuvasz/ok = a white-coated dog

kolinsky = an Asian mink

krait = a venomous snake

katydid = a grasshopper

kelep = a stinging ant

kestrel = a small falcon

kalong = a fruit-eating bat


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


The hanuman, having befriended a hackee

Heehawed about the white faced hawkie

Who harangued heifers, hoggs and a heron

Loudly harping that some hideous hagdon

And not the hoatzin was the hallowed halcyon.


hanuman = a monkey

hackee = a chipmunk

hawkie = a cow

hagdon = a seabird

hoatzin = a tropical bird

halcyon = a mythical bird


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


“Gadzooks! Take a look at the gonzo gibbon!”

Guffawed the gelada to an elegant guenon

When suddenly a cockatoo named galah

Chatting up a guitguit – or was it a godwit?

Yelled: “Gardyloo! Here comes the glossina!”


gonzo = bizarre

galah = a cockatoo

guitguit = a tropical bird

godwit = a wading bird

glossina = a tsetse fly


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


Once upon a time an offish ladyfish

Was piffling with a buffy frogfish

When a hefty finback and a dogfish

Who were out on a large scale suffari

Came pouncing upon them in a jiffy.


ladyfish = a bonefish

buffy = of a yellowish-brown colour

finback = the rorqual

dogfish = a small shark


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


In days gone by the enterprising entellus

Riding piggyback an obliging eohippus

Observed veteran emyds racing escargots

While emmets and ergates scurried to and fro

Trying to dodge leaps and bounds of wild euros.


entellus = an East Indian monkey

eohippus = an extinct horse

emyd = a freshwater tortoise

emmet = an ant

ergate = a worker ant

euro = a large kangaroo


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


Once upon a time a cute dabchick

While riding around on a dikdik

Was savagely attacked by a dingo

Who fiercely pursued the drongo

Which he mistook for the dodo.


dabchick = a small grebe

dikdik = a small antelope

drongo = a tropical bird


Animal World

A series of 23 poems, each with a predominant letter of the alphabet.


Bejabers! Bawled a beliquored bacchant

Who lost at bezique his very last bezzant.

That boyla scattered bonduc in my baidarka

Instead of spreading barleduc on my babka.

My bazooka will smash him in his britzska.


bezzant = a coin of ancient Rome

boyla = a witch doctor

bonduc = a prickly seed

baidarka = an Eskimo canoe

barleduc = a fruit jam

britzska = an open carriage


September Bingoes

A sabotier besotted with a damsel

Enticed her by acting as a minstrel.

But her mentors who were magians

Deluded him with moieties of bellies

For which he paid a subrent to bigwigs.


A week in August

Whereas this very sincere colonel

Cochairs some meeting of arguers

Stating that chanties are no ritornel

And could degenerate into rioting

An airhole swallows hirsute senoras.


World Cup Parroty Aftermath

Having long hesitated between kaka

Amazon, kakapo, paraquito and kea,

Popinjay, lorikeet, lowry and galah,

The soccer fan opted for the rosella:

The poll turned into a live vuvuzela!



Bitser, pooch, kurre, brak or goorie

All of them mongrels like the kuri

Never participating in a bobbery

For lack of a prestigious pedigree

Reserved for borzoi, lyam or basenji.


bobbery = mixed pack of hunting dogs

borzoi, lyam, basenji = hunting dogs



A yutz who used to futz and putz

With a ditz who owned a spitz

Shared with him some slivovitz

Quite drunk they reached a krantz

Saw a barometz and were plotz.


yutz = fool

futz = to spend time aimlessly

putz = to waste time

ditz = silly person

spitz = dog with long hair

krantz = a precipice

barometz = plant grassing like a lamb

plotz = overwhelmed by emotion



Only when there was no shtook

And everybody kept shtoom

In the shtetlach, they ate borsht.

Or, following some good shtik

Shtchi was served with gosht.


shtook = trouble

shtoom = quiet

shtchi = cabbage soup

gosht = meat



The shmock loved to shmoose

With the shmuck about shmatte

They were positively shmaltzy

Claiming that pashm was silky

Or evoking the shmek of goose.


pashm = fine goat underfleece


*Note: There is only one word in the dictionary ending in -SHM!



The shutterbug drinking samshu

Was surely a shunner of wushu

He favored shunpiking for a shufti

Or having a shuteye in the shuggy.


shutterbug = amateur photographer

samshu = Chinese alcoholic drink

wushu = kungfu

shunpike = to travel on sideroads

shuggy = fairground swing


* Note, there are only two words in the dictionary ending in -SHU!



During a shotput around the shott

A camsho shough dared a shotte

To shoogie while playing shogi

And gulping the shonky posho

In order to compete at the basho.


shotput = athletic event

shott = saline lake

camsho = crooked

shough = shaggy lapdog

shotte = young pig

shoogie = to swing

shogi = Jap. chess

shonky = illicit

posho = corn meal

basho = sumo tournament



Having to choose between buzkashi

And shiai the bimbashi said “Imshi!

Rather suggest shinju to your roshi

Send him a shikseh or some shippie

Wearing a shimmey with pink heishi.

They will surely succumb of karoshi


buzkashi = an Afghani ball game

shiai = a judo contest

bimbashi = Turkish military officer

shinju = double suicide of lovers

roshi = teacher of Zen Buddhism

shippie = prostitute who solicits at ports

shimmey = loose dress

heishi = beads made from shell

karoshi = death caused by overwork



“Sheesh!” exclaimed the sheikha

Hurling her goloshe on a sheila.

“She planned this shenanigan

With her nebbishe of a shearman

Turning the shewel into a tokoloshe


sheesh = interj. of annoyance

sheila = young woman

shearman = textile worker

shewel = scarecrow

tokoloshe = malevolent mythical animal



“Shabash! A shagtastic geisha!”

Wearing her shalloon shalwar

She shauchles to the shamiana

To fetch shawm and shamisen

Needed for chanting a shazam.


shabash = well done!

shagtastic = sexy (slang)

shalloon = woolen fabric

shalwar = loose-fitting trousers

shauchle = to shuffle

shamiana = a large tent

shawm = woodwind instrument

shamisen = Jap. guitar

shazam = a magic slogan



Wishing to attend a tamasha

The geisha took a jinrikisha.

“Musha! This ride for a poisha?

Tobacco needed for my shisha.

Add a bugsha and some kasha”.


tamasha = public entertainment

jinrikisha = rickshaw

musha = expressing surprise

poisha = a Bangladesh coin

shisha = hookah

bugsha = buqsha


With W, Y and Z

This sorrily wheezy bizzy

Arrested the frowzy huzzy

Woozily dealing in wizardry

Who claimed to be showbizzy

While hoping for some frawzy.


wheezy = affected by wheezing

bizzy = a policeman

frowzy = unkept

frawzy = a special treat



A certain abbot at the academia in Arcadia

Suddenly struck by anoopsia and apraxia

Clashed with an albizzia and fell in the acequia.

Sick with agrypnia, astasia and anergia,

He was prescribed a diet of ambrosia

To help him recover his lost ataraxia.


anoopsia = a visual defect

apraxia = loss of ability to perform coordinated movements

albizzia = a tropical tree

acequia = irrigation ditch

agrypnia = insomnia

astasia = inability to stand

ataraxia = peace of mind



Quite franzy the publican called a bizzy

When a snazzy huzzy offered a groszy

For a double pint of zythum – his doozy!

“Vizy her!” said a floozy: “Is she muzzy?

Isit a zygal in her head? Makes me quazzy


franzy = cross and peevish

bizzy = a policeman

zythum = ancient Egyptian beer

doozy = an extraordinary one of its kind

vizy = to look at closely

zygal = brain fissure

quazzy = queasy



No kaftan but a white kanzu

Instead of kipa a zucchetto

The zaddik played a zufolo

Earned a zuz, bought yuzu

And zucchini in some ponzu.


kanzu = long garment

zucchetto = skullcap for clergymen

zufolo = small flute

yuzu = Jap. citrus fruit

ponzu = Jap. Type of sauce



Having specialized in zoiatria

The schizo bought a burdizzo

In order to zombify a stray zo.

Held in an abrazo by a sleazo

He could merely babble bizzo.


zoiatria = veterinary surgery

burdizzo = a castrating tool

abrazo = an embrace

bizzo = irrelevant talk



Ozaena in his schnoz

Was a moz for the ozeki

Promptly sent to the ozzie

And replaced by his coz

In order to remain poz.


ozaena = inflammation of nose membrane

moz = a curse

ozeki = sumo wrestling champion

coz = cousin

poz = positive



“A ziffius with a ziff in the jacuzzi?

Isit some lazzi between paparazzi

Or much ado about zilch and zippo?”

Affirmed the umfazi to the feminazi

While hiding shyly behind a zimocca.


ziffius = sea monster

ziff = beard

lazzi = comic dialogue

umfazi = Afr. married woman

feminazi – militant feminist

zimocca = bath sponge


A week in May

While wheelers and dealers

Drink stiff tequilas in roadeos

Their nemesis cajoles a soldier

Driving some antique hearses

To create a mighty diversion

By defaming their minders.


(All are words played on the 3.5.2010, the word in red was word of the week)



A zendik who wished to bumbaze

The zealant decided to macarize

A zelatrix imbued with zelotypia.

When nuns strayed in a mizmaze

She pheezed them with mesprize.


zendik = unbeliever, heretic

bumbaze = to perplex or puzzle

macarize = to declare to be blessed

zelotypia = morbid zeal

pheeze = to unsettle

mesprize = scorn


Words suited for spring  

To win the heart of a haughty lady

Suitors should refrain from litanies

Rantings or slogans bound to capsize

And reveal only tension and anxiety.

The key to success is light badinage

And garnets hid in fragrant violets.


(All are words played on the 26.4.2010, the word in red was word of the week)




“OyezCalls an alferez donning a fez.

“Laydeez wearing a kameez, entrez !”

.“Chez moi, one trez buys you warez

“Geez ! Assez cheap“ sez the laydeez

“if you throw in a red fez for our prez


alferez = a standard bearer

kameez = a loose tunic

entrez = come in!

trez = threepence

warez = illegally copied software

assez = fairly



When a zati banging on a zambomba

Met a guereza playing the zampogna

He invited her to cerveza and dopiaza

Followed by some zabajone and alcorza.

A beautiful start for a bonza romanza!


zati = type of macaque

zambomba = drum-like musical instrument

guereza = type of monkey

zampogna = Italian bagpipes

cerveza = beer

dopiaza = an Indian dish

alcorza = a Spanish sweet



There was a mighty razmataz

During the azione when a spaz

Threw at the man playing the saz

An azurn azulejo wrapped in azolla

Shouting he was sent by the spetsnaz.


azione = musical drama

spaz = foolish person

saz = a stringed instrument

azulejo = porcelain tile

azolla = water fern

spetsnaz = Soviet intelligence unit


…yu …zu

In order to attend the chanoyu

The kyu had to write a senryu

About ayu cooked with yuzu

Spiced with shoyu and ponzu

And presented on slabs of yu.


chanoyu = Jap. tea ceremony

kyu = novice in judo

senryu = Jap. poem

ayu = a small fish

yuzu = Jap. citrus fruit

shoyu = a soy sauce

ponzu = Jap. sauce

yu = precious jade



Following a séance of makutu

The manitu was rather abattu

When a muntu wearing a tutu

Claimed he was the new aitu

And threw him into a manatu.


makutu = Polynesian witchcraft

abattu = dejected

muntu = black African

aitu = Polynesian demigod

manatu = N.Z. shrub



Belonging to a powerful keiretsu

Or, in some cases, to a zaibatsu

Entails regular practice of jujutsu

Or ninjutsu followed by shiatsu

After a meal of masu and tiramisu.


keiretsu = a coalition of business groups in Jap.

zaibatsu = a powerful family combine

ninjutsu = a martial art

masu = a Jap. salmon



This ruru who lived in a bebeeru

Tried so hard to ambush a kereru

That he ended sick with the kuru

Had visions of a ahuru on a grugru

Chatting with a rawaru and a chiru.


ruru = a N.Z. owl

bebeeru = a tropical tree

kereru = a N.Z. pigeon

kuru = disease of the nervous system

ahuru = the pink cod

grugru = a palm tree

rawaru = the blue cod

chiru = a Tibetan antelope



Reigning supreme in his hapu

A certain bapu decided to tapu

The use of any quipu or quippu

As well as catching the kokopu

Or a coypu for cooking the pupu.


hapu = Maori subtribe

bapu = spiritual father

tapu = to forbid the use of

quipu/quippu = device to help memory

kokopu = freshwater fish of N.Z.

coypu = aquatic rodent

pupu = Hawaiian dish



Hearing the froufrou of a boubou

A fou ou saw a vrou at the orihou

Handing her biniou to the sapajou.

“Some thankyou!” said the marabou

To the giggling turacou and tauhou.


fou = adj. drunk

ou = a bloke

orihou = a N.Z. tree

biniou = small bagpipe

sapajou = a long-tailed monkey

thankyou = a gift

marabou = an Afr. stork

turacou = an Afr. bird

tauhou = a N.Z. bird



This former detenu, now parvenu,

Saw an ingenu down on his genu

Picking flowers off the tauhinu

Which he offered to an inconnu

Who came by, chasing the gnu.


detenu = a prisoner

genu = the knee

tauhinu = (N.Z.) a flowering shrub

inconnu = unknown person



It happened once that this mwalimu

Was so keen on practicing tsutsumu

That he wrapped in his own mumu

A tiny namu trapped in the karamu.


mwalimu = (Swahili) teacher

tsutsumu = Jap. art of wrapping

mumu = flowing robe

namu = N.Z. sandfly

karamu = a N,Z, small tree



Bewitched by the impundulu

A balu jumped aboard a zulu

Carrying a cargo of dry calalu

To barter for plu, sulu or pulu.

Alas, the hull was vermoulu.

When they sank, it was voulu!


impundulu = mythical bird

balu = bear

zulu = fishing vessel

calalu = edible leave

plu = beaver skin

sulu = Melanisian skirt

pulu = silky fiber

voulu = deliberate



Honoured guests at the minshuku

Drink their tea in vessels of raku

Listen to gagaku or play gomoku

Perhaps watch nogaku or bunraku.

Their lyric hokku justifies seppuku

When shamefully defeated in juku.


In Japan

minshuku = guest house

gagaku = ancient court music

gomoku = a board game

nogaku = type of drama

bunraku = puppet theatre

juku = martial art


…hu, …iu, …ju

Drinking piu and piu samshu

The jehu counted on his juju

But he mistook the sucuruju

For a huhu in piupiu and baju

And a bhikhu gave him buchu

To recover his skill in wushu.


samshu = an alcoholic drink

sucuruju = the anaconda

huhu = a N.Z. hairy beetle

piupiu = a flax skirt

baju = a short jacket

bhikhu = a Buddhist monk

buchu = a medicinal plant

wushu = kung fu



Stung by the kerengu

After chasing a kagu

And catching a tegu

While playing his gu

This careless mzungu

Visiting the umlungu

Had to gobble a fugu.


kerengu = a Maori bug

tegu = a lizard

mzungu = white person (E.Afr.)

umlungu = white person (S.Afr.)


…eu, …fu

In a prudish milieu or purlieu

Favouring gym on a priedieu

Wearing pareu in lieu of samfu

Serving madafu in lieu of tofu

Was not a jeu but caused snafu.


purlieu = a neighbouring area

priedieu = a kneeler for prayer

samfu = a Chinese woman’s outfit

madafu = coconut milk

jeu = a game


…cu, …du

This eperdu teacher giving an apercu

On exotic fauna caused a malentendu:

The surucucu did not feed on pirarucu

Preferring pudu, tamandu or tucutucu

When it could not find kudu or teledu.


eperdu = distracted

surucucu = a snake

piracucu = a large food fish

pudu = a S.Am. deer

tamandu = an anteater

tucutucu = a S.Am. rodent

kudu = a large antelope

teledu = a carnivorous mammal



Hopping from jambu to ombu

To escape an urubu the ynambu

Saw the zobu courting a cattabu.

“’tis strictly tabu!” said the babu.


jambu = the rose-apple tree

ombu = a S.Am. tree

urubu = vulture

ynambu = a S.Am. bird

zobu = male cross of yak and cow

cattabu = cross between cattle and zebu

babu = an Indian gentleman



The hausfrau promised her beau

Who loved to play the berimbau

A cadeau of noyau and cointreau

If he dyed his feldgrau manteau

And chapeau in vibrant ponceau.


berimbau = a Brazilian musical instrument

cadeau = a gift

noyau = a flavoured brandy

ponceau = a red dye



Giving an abrazo to the mestizo

The bozo brandished a burdizzo

Thinking it was gonzo, a ginzo

And a mozo collared the schizo

And threw him on the terrazzo.


abrazo = embrace

bozo = dim-witted fellow

burdizzo = castrating tool

gonzo = bizarre

ginzo = person of Italian descent

mozo =manual labourer


…xo, …yo

Meeting his samurais in the arroyo

The daimyo invited them to chanoyo.

It was exo, but they preferred gongyo

Or even watching sumo in the dohyo.


chanoyo = Japanese tea ceremony

exo = excellent

gongyo = Buddhist ceremony

dohyo = sumo wrestling ring


…uo, …vo, …wo

At an arvo session of the zemtsvo

During a vivo debate about parvo

Some chechaquo shouted: “Rivo!

We must drink and forget any wo


arvo = afternoon

zemtsvo = elective council in Russia

parvo = contagious disease of dogs

chechaquo = newcomer

rivo = a drinking cry



With fagotto, sticcato and koto

The terzetto was playing rubato

Turning kwaito into some mento.

As if, ordering one baked boniato

You were served a bizarre pomato.


sticcato = a xylophone

koto = a musical instrument

rubato = distorted rhythm

kwaito = S.Afr, pop music

mento = Jamaican form of song

boniato = a sweet potato

pomato = a tomato grafted on a potato



Hiding among the chamiso

This amoroso sang a canso

From giocoso to doloroso 

For his girl stroke her apso

While quaffing oloroso.


chamiso = a flowering shrub

canso = a love song

apso = a breed of terrier

oloroso = a dark sherry



Playing his piffero with estro

An arriero wearing a zamarro

Met a picaro carrying a cuatro.

They sat and shared some churro

Snatched suddenly by a karoro.


piffero = a fife

estro = enthusiasm

arriero = a muleteer

zamarro = a sheepskin coat

cuatro = a small guitar

churro = a Mex. Pastry

karoro = a large seagull



A sheepo was given plenipo

To remain fully contempo.

So, frisking a zoppo uptempo

He chased katipo and kakapo

From the raupo and matipo.


sheepo = a sheep farm worker

plenipo = complete power

contempo = following the latest fad

zoppo = syncopated

katipo = a N.Z. spider

kakapo = a flightless parrot

raupo = the N.Z. bulrush

matipo = a N.Z. shrub



This yahoo must be boocoo coocoo!

Wanting to say hooroo in parleyvoo

Paying a razoo for shypoo and samshoo

Daring the wanderoo to play pakapoo

Throwing callaloo, shouting “Jordeloo


boocoo = large amount (beaucoup)

hooroo = good-bye

parleyvoo = the French language

razoo = coin of little value

shypoo = liquor of poor quality

samshoo = alcoholic drink

wanderoo = an Asian monkey

pakapoo = Chinese version of lotto

callaloo = crabmeat soup

jordeloo = warning when throwing

                 slops from a window



Playing cassino at the casino

A chicano dared the capitano:

“The loser eats relleno, serrano,

Cioppino, poblano and jalapeno,

Some romano and sweet pepino

Washed down with maraschino


cassino = a card game

relleno = dish of stuffed chile

serrano = a small hot pepper

cioppino = a spicy fish stew

poblano = dark-green chili pepper

jalapeno = a hot pepper

romano = an Italian cheese

pepino = a type of yellow fruit



“Chimo tovarich commo!

For us nathemo a supremo

Not in ultimo nor in proximo

-“Bravissimo! We enter pomo:

No more some lucumo in camo


chimo = a greeting

commo = a communist

nathemo = never the more

ultimo = in the precedent month

proximo = in the following month

pomo = postmodernism

lucumo = an Etruscan prince