The Tel Aviv Scrabble® Club

Club Director: Evan Cohen

Previous Seasons

Would you like to know what your average was a year ago? Where you finished the season? Who won your division? Just pick a season!

Also here, seasonal playoffs and division champions. A season lasts 25 weeks, after which playoffs are held. The winner of the playoffs is crowned the division champion.



Division Champions

In seasons 1 and 2, there was only one division in the club. From season 3-20, two divisions played in the club - Aardvark and Zyzzyva. From season 21, a third division, Madoqua, was added, and today, three divisions play in the club. You can see the previous champions here.



At the end of each season, the top player in the standings is declared the division champion, and the player in second position is declared the runner-up. 

Up until Season 40, at the end of each season, the top 8 players in each division played a knockout-style tournament, with best-of-three (quarter/semi) or best-of-five (finals) matches. Before that, from Season 12-35, 5-game tournament-style playoffs were held in each division at the end of each season. The top players in each division participated, all vying for the division champion title. Up until Season #20, there were two divisions - Aardvark and Zyzzyva. From Season #21, there are three divisions - Aardvark, Madoqua and Zyzzyva.

The champion and runner up of the Madoqua division in the regular season are promoted to Aardvark. The champion and runner up of the Zyzzyva division in the regular season are promoted to Madoqua. 

At the end of the regular season, the bottom two players in Aardvark are relegated to Madoqua, and the bottom two players in Madoqua are relegated to Zyzzyva.

Click on a season for a detailed report on the season's playoffs.

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