The Tel Aviv Scrabble® Club

Club Director: Evan Cohen

Club's Venue

The Tel Aviv Scrabble Club plays in the International Chess Centre in Tel Aviv. 

We are on Tagore 26. The building itself is in the centre of a small park, about 50 metres away from the street.
There’s free parking from 19:00 in the lot adjacent to the building (between 26 and 32). In addition, there's a parking lot next to the supermarket (entrance adjacent to Tagore 40), also free after 19:00.

The place is easily accessible by car or by bus.

From Ayalon:
Exit Ayalon at Keren Kayemet and drive westwards towards Tel Aviv.
The first major intersection is Khayim Levanon. Turn left at the light.
The first right on Khayim Levanon is Tagore. Turn right.


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From Coastal Road:
From Coastal Road, turn eastwards on Einstein towards Tel Aviv University. The first left is Tagore.

By bus from central Tel Aviv:
Any bus to the Ramat Aviv Mall or to Tel Aviv University's main gate (gate 7) is suitable. Walk down Einstein until Tagore. 


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By train: 
Take a train to the Tel Aviv University station. The number 7 bus from the train station to Ramat Aviv Mall stops a couple of hundred metres from the club venue.